Here at KindTouch Healthcare Services, we are committed to providing top of the line care for your loved one. The services we provide have been described as… Reliable, High Quality, Caring And Efficient! The families we serve have wonderful things to say such as, “KindTouch responds accurately, effectively, and quickly when we have questions.” and, “Our needs have been met with expertise, kindness, and professionalism.” They 100% recommend KindTouch Healthcare Services!
  1. KindTouch is truly the answer to your prayers. All the staff work diligently to make sure your child receives the best and most kindest of care. I enjoy being a part of the KindTouch family!

    Edith Jaramillo
  2. If you like children and you like feeling the impact you make in your community, you'll LOVE this job. Speaking as an RN, this is a great place to work. It's community/public health, so don't expect the pay to compete with the hospital. On the same token, the work/life balance is VASTLY better than any hospital or even clinic job I've ever worked at in the past. There is always a trade-off but it just depends on what is most important to you. Personally, I'm happy to take a pay cut from the hospital pay if it means I get to keep my back and my sanity (which are SO much more valuable than extra dollars per hour). PLUS, I was still working and busy when nurses at the hospital were getting laid off. Of course I believe I made an impact in my community when I worked in the hospitals and clinics, but here, you might have some of the same patients for over a year. In those cases, you really get to see the improvement and get to really feel the impact you make in that family's life. I've been here for about 3 years now and cannot recommend it enough.

  3. Hi, It’s been almost 3 week since I started working at KindTouch Healthcare services & it’s been an amazing experience being a part of the team that’s filled with love & care for not only their patients but the staff too. They’ve made me feel welcome & I’m happy to come to work with wonderful ladies. The best healthcare service, they’re good to me & they’ll be good to you! 💗

    Ashley Linares
  4. This is a company that cares for their clients. Works hard for both employees and clients with love and compassion. KindTouch is thriving and very family friendly with people who are looking for help in the area of healthcare services.👍🏼👍🏾👍🏿

    Jazz Okoro

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