Our clinical managers will help you and your family members navigate resources in the community. Our RN clinical manager oversees and manages your care plan and caregiving team.

  • Communicates with your doctor as needed
  • Coordinates with medical supply companies to ensure you have your supplies
  • Assist with scheduling doctor’s appointments
  • Helps you to secure insurance authorizations and fill out any paperwork that’s required

Care Management: As part of our care management, our agency collaborates with your care team to provide you and your family the best home care experience possible.

Our Clinical Nurse managers

  • Initial and ongoing assessment
  • Development of unique care plan
  • Facilitation of services such as assistance
    • With scheduling doctor’s appointment
    • Prescription pick-ups/delivery
    • Therapy appointments
  • Assistance with navigating insurance and community resources
  • Advocacy for our clients
  • Evaluation of care

Transition From Pediatric to Adult Care Services

As your child grows into an adult, their care will also evolve. We believe continuity of care is best for any child, that is why we provide a seamless transition that is unique to your child, from pediatric to adult care services.

Our clinical managers will work closely with your child’s care team to ensure that your child’s transition from adolescence to adulthood is seamless. To ensure a successful transition, we can help you navigate changing insurance, waiver programs and community support resources.
To ensure continuity of care, all team members currently working with your child are given the opportunity to transition with your child. Doing so prevents disruption in service. Rest assured that we will do everything we can to ensure that you and your child can remain with the same caregivers who know your family best.