Virtual board communication is a method for meeting via videoconferencing and online tools. It’s a growing option for companies who are unable to get all of their employees together for a meeting.

If you’re conducting a virtual board meeting or a hybrid, there are certain aspects you must take into account to increase productivity and engage. Here are some key suggestions to help you get going:

Make sure that everyone has access to the Internet capable of handling audio and video. This will ensure that there isn’t a slow video feed and ensure that each person can hear everything else.

Then, choose a platform that offers an excellent experience. Many online meeting platforms provide free trials to try them out and see if they’re a good fit for your team.

Thirdly, ensure that each participant has access to a quality webcam and microphone. A poor quality video can result in unfinished conversations, a lack in communication, or an awkward setting.

Choose a video conferencing program that is user-friendly for all participants and includes features like automatic screen sharing and real-time polling. These features will help keep the meeting running smoothly and allow attendees to focus on the discussion.

Five, designate an online facilitator to ensure everyone is included and engaged. This person will be able to monitor the conversation and call on participants to speak out or to clarify their viewpoint.

Also, make sure that all attendees have plenty of time to prepare. Providing them with access to the agenda and all relevant documents at least 4 days in advance will make it much easier for them to participate and contribute meaningfully.