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nurse and baby As we transition your child from the hospital to the home, we begin with an initial family meeting at the hospital.

We will coordinate the discharge meetings with the interdisciplinary team at the hospital including social workers, case managers, MDs, and home care staff as well as the family. We will also have members of our qualified nursing staff awaiting your arrival at home to assist with nursing needs as you settle in. Our goal is to ensure a comfortable and seamless transition to your home.

KindTouch Healthcare Services utilizes a patient and family-centered approach as we take on each client. We understand that each patient and family situation is unique and individualized. We understand that to help your child today and in the future, your family will need a wholesome approach to care management.

Therefore, we bring a multi-disciplinary approach to building and developing a care team that can meet your family’s needs today and tomorrow.

KindTouch Healthcare Services is not just interested in putting caregivers in your home. Our care managers lead the effort to create a seamless support network by working with all the doctors, hospitals, and caregivers involved with your loved one’s care. Know more about our caregivers.

At KindTouch Healthcare Services, we commit to continuous improvement, healthcare safety, and training as core competencies for our caregivers. Every caregiver at KTHC goes through continuous improvement and patient safety programs to ensure the highest quality care. Our training program focuses our staff on attention to every detail in providing excellent care for medically fragile children while utilizing unique, high-tech skills needed for each case.

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Seamless Transition from the Hospital to Home

We understand that transitioning a child from hospital to home comes with a lot of emotions. It can be both an exciting and anxious time for both parents and the entire family. As such, One of our skilled and experienced nurse managers will visit you in the hospital to help prepare you for transitioning to home. The nurse manager will discuss everything that will be done to ensure your child has a smooth transition to home. We will work together with the hospital team to ensure all equipment, medications, instructions, and care requirements are arranged. We invite you to ask as many questions as you have and to let us know your specific concerns and preferences. Your family’s needs are important to us!