Dr. Blessing’s Corner

Hello Whole World,

This is Dr. Blessing, the Founder and Administrator of KindTouch HealthCare Services.

I’d love you to watch this space, as I share with you a series of insights, tidbits and wisdom from my 20 years nursing experience, years of experience as a Business owner, and as a wife and Mother. I don’t mind sharing with you the odd weekend recipe every now and then too. Lol

On a firmer note, I know we are all looking for the recipe to a better life, especially a healthy one. It would be great if it had been bottled and available for sale so we just need to pick it up. But life as we know is instead lived out in its real phases. As a wife and Mother, I have lived through those phases as I’m sure you have too.

Like all of you Parents, I understand your desire and need to work toward the best life for your children and families. This is my main motivation for starting this Blog; to give insight bitcoin vanity address, understanding and encouragement in matters of life that we all go through. Coming from a Healthcare perspective, allows me to share what may be of help to you and your family outside the Clinic and Doctor’s Office. After all, that’s what us Nurses do! : )

In the times we live in, and have lived through, Pandemic and all, I believe we could do with a little health-wisdom, and morale every now and again. So this isn’t just intended for Parents, but for anyone who could benefit from what will be shared here, which I believe is all of us. I by no means profess to be the health guru, but like the saying goes Momma sometimes knows best.

So I hope you’re cheered up here in future days, inspired, and even learn something medically new every now and then. I desire to approach our health more holistically, as we adapt to the new normal that is our world today. We can all think of issues in our Community’s current affairs that remind us to think of ourselves and others as a whole unit, and care for the entire SELF. So don’t be surprised if you find a note here from me that extends beyond formal nursing and Clinical boundaries. There may also be times ahead I have plenty to say, and other times that it’s just short and sweet. One thing that will remain the same, is the recipe of Compassion, Care and Empathy that is KindTouch.

Wishing you all a wonderful day, and look forward to talking again soon.

Always In your Corner,